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Perfect to present your brand, product or event.

The statistics show a steady upward trend with an average of over 3,000 views per day on our website.

In many cases, banner advertising is perfect for drawing visitors' attention. However, if you want to promote a new product, event or other, a sponsored post might be the best choice.

What exactly is a sponsored post?
A sponsored post is an article provided by you, including photos, that looks like a CrossNews news post.

What can you apply for?
Everything is possible, regardless of whether you want to introduce a new product, an event or your company. Of course, it is also possible to embed photos and videos in the post.

What is the procedure?
At first you send us your text including at least one preview picture. After our control, you will receive a draft that you have to approve. After publication, your post remains in the first place for 24 hours (except on race days and for sponsored posts that are included in our banner package) and the article will also get shared on our Facebook and Instagram channels.

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Send us an email to info@crossnews.at to receive details and a complete price list for all individual advertising options.
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