The most popular form of advertising is the linked banner. has become the most popular motocross news website in Austria since it was founded in 2017.

Our standard and top banners are already used by the largest motorcycle manufacturers and motorcycle companies worldwide. The standard advertising banner has a size of 275 x 83 pixels and is published on the index site as well as on all category pages. The top banner, on the other hand, has a height of 53 pixels and a maximum width of 180 pixels and is displayed on ALL pages. Every banner is linked to a URL of your choice. In addition, two free sponsored advertisements are included.

Another option, especially to promote products efficiently, is our “Leaderboard” banner, which can be put online for two weeks at a time.


275 x 83 pixels
15 kb max


180max x 53 pixels
15 kb max


728 x 90 ´pixels
40 kb max

.svg, .jpg, .gif, HTML5

The dimensions given apply to the desktop version and may vary when viewed on tablets and mobile phones.

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